Adolescent Life Skills

For puppies 6 – 14 months old

For puppies 6 – 14 months old, we will be working towards proofing and building upon foundation skills through the adolescent development period. 

This time in a dog’s life often proves difficult for dogs and humans alike. As puppies grow toward adulthood, hormones and developmental changes in the brain can create common challenges including regression in previous skills, poor concentration, and the appearance of new fear responses.

Participants in this class will work on loose leash walking, polite greeting protocols, recall, developing impulse control, stay, maintaining focus and engagement around distractions, and creating/maintaining connection in a time of increased independence. 

This is a great opportunity for puppies that have no previous formal training, and those looking to continue their puppy training.

These classes have a maximum of 4 puppies, and are held on Monday evenings.


$180.00 + HST

Session Length

Classes run Monday evenings at 6:30 pm
This program includes 4 classes
45 minutes in length

Questions before registering?

Please contact us at for more information.

Our Trainer maintains the following certifications: