The Dog Social

A chance for friendly dogs and the people who love them to share time together and play.

Please Note: We are unable to run classes due to COVID-19.
When we return to Orange level, our classes will start again

For some dogs and their people spending time with others is the best way to spend a day.

Located in our indoor, 1800 square foot training hall, the Dog Social provides an opportunity for socially seasoned, experienced dogs to hang out and play with other like-minded canines.

Each social is one hour in length and is fully supervised by our resident dog trainer. We welcome dog guardians out to the program, allowing participants to see how their dog behaves in the group, how the group is managed whilst learning about dog behaviour along the way. Dog guardians are an essential part of the program and have the option of participating in the club room with their dogs or watching the group from our viewing gallery.

Dogs’ social preferences vary tremendously and change with time, so we work hard to carefully screen dogs and to place them with others who share their preferred play style and energy levels. Each social is carefully crafted with your dog in mind. Sound good? Join the club!


Suitability assessment: $20.00 + tax

Socials: $10.00 + tax per session or buy a 5 visit pass card for $45.00 + tax

Questions before registering?

Please contact us at for more information.

Program Considerations

  • Dogs must be a minimum of 5 months old to apply (exemptions are made for trainer referrals)
  • Dogs must be current on all age appropriate vaccinations (proof required)
  • As individuals, some dogs demonstrate behaviours that may make this type of program stressful for the dog or counter-productive to your training efforts. They include dogs who are:
    • Highly sensitive to motion or noise
    • Suspicious of changes, new people or other dogs
    • Known to guard resources – spaces, people, food, water or toys
    • Highly selective about what dogs they interact with
    • Inclined toward over arousal and who have a hard time settling
    • Intensely hyper, persistent greeters


  • All dogs must participate in a suitability assessment before joining
  • Dogs who exhibit fearfulness or aggression toward dogs or people are not suitable for this program
  • If you are unsure how your dog would feel about a social or playing with other dogs, applicants are still welcome to attend a suitability assessment
  • Socials are 1 hour in length and take place on Saturdays between 9:30 and 5:30pm

Get Started

  • Fill out an application by clicking the “Register Now” button
  • A staff member will contact you to set up a suitability assessment
  • If it’s determined the program is a good fit for your dog you will be set up with a club time
  • You can decide weekly what days you would like to attend