Puppy Social Skill Support

Everyone hopes to raise a dog that is safe, capable and comfortable with other dogs, but sometimes puppies need a helping hand with with their relationships.

Given how difficult it can be to control all of these factors, many dogs encounter difficulty in their relationships with other dogs at some point in their development. While some of these difficulties may represent normal behaviours for a particular individual, breed or for your dog’s stage of development, other tendencies benefit from planned intervention.

Many people hope that trips to the dog park or off leash play groups will improve their dog’s social skills, but the majority of these dogs require intentional practice, learning new behaviours in a more structured setting with the help of socially capable dogs.

If your puppy shows signs of being socially anxious, fearful, sensitive, overly excitable, reacts unpredictably to dogs or seems to be overly assertive with other pups, we may be able to help.

With the support of members from our Dog Social program we are able to provide more structured training support to help young dogs with certain difficulties to develop more successful relationships.


Initial Training Plan and Assessment (1 Hour): $90.00 + tax

Practice Sessions (30 minutes): $45.00 + tax

Questions before registering?

Please contact us at train@dreamlandpet.ca for more information.

Our Trainer maintains the following certifications:

Program Considerations

  • This program is designed for young dogs under 9 months of age
  • We may be unable to provide support for large breed dogs (>70lbs) as we do not have suitable mentor dogs in this size category
  • Dogs who lack bite inhibition or have caused injury to a human or dog are not suitable for this program
  • Dogs who demonstrate aggression or intense fear of new people are not suitable for this program
  • Assessments and remedial sessions take place Mondays and Thursdays between 10:30am and 4:30pm and at various times on Saturday
  • Dog must be current on all age appropriate vaccinations

Get Started

  • Fill out an application by clicking the “Register Here” button
  • Our resident trainer will contact you to discuss your application to determine whether this program would be a helpful fit for your dog
  • Suitable dogs will be set up with a private assessment to identify the issue(s) and develop a training plan
  • If required, remedial sessions may be booked